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Sailing + Go Carts = Massive Fun!

As we were heading back from our day at The Washington Slagbaii Park, we happened upon a new company Bonaire Land Sailing Adventures. We weren't sure if the boys would be able to go, but we were hoping they could accommodate our group. As it turned out, they let our 9 year old test one of the carts to see if he could manage the sail and steering alone. I'm proud to share that he managed it all like a champ. Our 4 year old, sat in a side cart with Derek and raced along for a super speedy and high adventure ride! We opted for the 30 minute ride for $30 each and it was more than enough time (in my opinion). By the end of the ride, I was exhilarated yet wiped out!! It was an awesome experience and one we are all looking forward to doing again and again and again!

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