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Volunteering in Bonaire

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    Salt Pier Sponge Protection

    What a super cool experience to move the sponges down the pilings at Salt Pier!

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    Saving the world, one baby turtle at a time

    We headed out to Klein Bonaire and ended up saving 17 Hawksbill turtles!

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    Summer Rock Project 2019 Rock site #1: Andrea II

    This amazing and helpful project is ongoing, so if you're interested, let us know!

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    Summer Rock Project 2019 Rock site #2: Margate Bay

    We scoped out 3 potential entry / exit spots at Margate Bay and settled on one a little further away, but one that offered a wide mouth and super easy entry.

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Derek and Trisha like to push the limits of travel to incorporate some luxury coupled with both physical and emotional adventure. They strive for memorable and moving adventures that don't always include high risk outings like scuba diving. Today, Derek and Trisha are focusing on hosting retreat adventures in Bonaire that are perfect for family growth, couple development and team leadership and bonding.  


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