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Dear Friends & Family,

We have traveled to many places around the world and the island of Bonaire stood out from the very first visit.   As avid world travelers we found ourselves tired of trips that felt the same; locations that were at times over commercialized and often not as memorable as we thought they would be.   We have found that the trips we still talk about are the ones where we stretched ourselves, explored off beaten paths and engaged in activities that allowed us all to grow.  In addition to the adventure, however, sometimes we just wanted to have an excellent fine dining experience, get a massage or just relax.  Bonaire provides all that.

For our family, it is a paradise where we can truly escape to what still feels like our own small island and pursue some of our favorite activities in an ideal setting.   Although there is definitely more than snorkeling and SCUBA diving, this is one of the most ideal spots in the Caribbean to pursue these passions.  For a few different reasons, it is also an excellent location for anyone from children to adults to first learn those lifetime sports or enjoy them to their fullest.  This is difficult combination to find.

Our very first trip to Bonaire, made a great impact on our children. It was the first trip where we talked about it nearly every day for several months afterwards, and even now, it comes up at least once most weeks.  We think this stems primarily from the abundant adventures (that are not online) but also those experiences that are just beyond individual comfort zones.  You simply cannot beat the weather and the nearly constant breeze. There are still enough places where you can find yourself completely alone for a bit and the hint of “wildness” that still exists is harder to find in this world than ever (there are wild donkeys, goats, flamingos, and parrots, etc. all over the island).


Come explore Bonaire with us!


Derek, Trisha, R, & C Harp

Don't Just Take Our Word For it!

Linh in Bonaire

Linh Tran

EO Member

Advanced Diver

I’m back from my annual EO Forum retreat and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had…Bonaire pretty much ruined all other coral dive sites for me! It was so convenient to dive whenever you want, and the Hilma Hooker was my favorite. We would never have heard of Bonaire let alone had such an amazing experience if it weren’t for Derek & Trisha. Thanks, we’ll be back soon!

Kenji in Bonaire.jpg

Kenji Kuramoto

EO Member

New Diver

I've just found my new favorite vacation spot....Bonaire!  The island is the perfect combination of relaxation with amazing adventures.  From scuba diving wrecks directly from the shore, learning to kite board, and just enjoying the island's vast beauty alongside the friendly locals, I can't wait to return with my family!  Thanks so much, Derek and Trisha, for introducing me to Bonaire!  

Gavin - Tech Diver.jpg

Gavin Meade


Technical Diver (Very Advanced)

I've traveled to a half dozen Caribbean islands and until Bonaire, never found the perfect balance between great adventure, comfortable surroundings, delightful food, safety, service, and warm familiarity. 

When adding in the fun of spending time with Derek, Trisha, and their boys, an already-great destination becomes an unforgettable experience."


Marc Casto

Casto Travel

Advanced Diver

Only was a week in the sun, on the beach, teaching a child a life long skill, racing around in environmentally friendly go-carts of awesomeness, learning to wind surf, and exploring undersea ships.

Yeah, pretty good trip ;-)

Thank you both so much for a great time!

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