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Where to go Kiteboarding, Kayaking, Landsailing and Windsurfing in Bonaire

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

We have been working hard on creating a more robust "Things to Do" page complete with addresses, hours, websites etc. of all the amazing things to do on the island. But it's taking a LONG time to get it complete. In the meantime, we had a request for more information about the following activities, so I thought I'd follow up with a blog post that will benefit all our readers instead of simply an email back to this person!


There are two main Kiteboarding schools on the island. Our friend opted to go with Kiteboarding Bonaire and got the 3x3 lesson for 1. (3 hours a day for 3 days for $660).. Throughout his lessons, he definitely was grateful he opted for the progressive class, because he didn't really "rock the ocean" until his last day.

"Learning to Kite on Bonaire was an awesome experience. Everybody was very relaxed, but we still made very good progress. The steady winds were an important help for me as a beginner. I was able to reach my goal of having a fantastic ride on the board at day three!" Frederik F., Berlin, Germany

Kiteboarding Bonaire

Atlantis Kite Beach (location)

+599 701 5483

Bonaire Kiteschool is the other operation. Both are located on Atlantis Kite Beach.

Kayaking the Mangroves

What a super fun family adventure the kayaking (and snorkeling) is. It can get a little exhausting at times, so make sure you have an adult with each child vs 2 kids in one kayak. The guide taught us all about the mangroves and their importance to the environment. We also saw some cool fish and birds! Although there are several outfits now that will take you kayaking, we have always opted to go with the original: Mangrove Center. They do a great job, are extremely well informed and BONUS - the Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab is in their backyard so you will get to see a lot of flamingos up close. They even have an amazing 3D mural on the wall.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Schedule EARLY. . . they book up fast.

  2. Bring your own snorkel gear (no fins). Getting out and snorkeling is one of the coolest parts of the adventure, and you will definitely want to do it! Be advised, if you have a young/new snorkeler (like our 5 year old) you may want to consider not snorkeling. There are really cool jellyfish on the sea floor that can be stirred up with a lot of commotion. Experienced that one personally. . . lol. They remain resting and awesome to observe when you simply get out and snorkel without commotion.

  3. This is a good cause and it's a bit of an investment. They only accept cash so make sure you have enough the night before and exact change is appreciated.

Mangrove Center

Kaminda Lac #140 Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Reservations & Information: +(599) 780-5353


As we've mentioned a number of times, Landsailing is one of our all time favorite things to do on the island. Kids 7 and under can sit in a side cart with an adult. From ages 8 - 88+ you can control your own cart! The wind will take you around the track and you will use a pulley system to control the sail. You are in control so you can go as fast or as s-l-o-w as you like! Their hours are generally from 1 - 6, but if you have a large group, call ahead and they will open up just for you!

Say "hi" to Donna for us. She's the best! She remembered our boys names from the year before after meeting us just one time!

Bonaire Landsailing Adventures

Road to Rincon beside Arawak

Centre, North Coast Bonaire



Lac Bay is one of the most beautiful spots in the island. The water is crystal blue, the ocean bottom is pure sand and you can walk out up to your waist for what feels like a mile. It is an incredible spot to sunbathe, eat, drink and, of course, go windsurfing. If you follow the signs to Sorobon beach resort (a beautiful place to stay - though off the beaten path) you will find the protected area of Lac Bay. Over the years we have been visiting Bonaire, we have used Windsurf Place to instruct our son and our friends. Many people love, Jibe City, as well. It has just been busier when we've gone, so we have opted for the other operation and have not been disappointed. We also always dine at the outdoor Beach Hut restaurant and bar. One last thing to consider, sometimes it can be too windy or too crowded to make it fun. Be sure to call ahead and find out about the weather conditions to make certain you are there at the optimal time.

Bonaire Windsurf Place

Lac Bay, Bonaire

+(599) 717-2288

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