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Things to do

Bonaire offers so much to do in addition to SCUBA and Snorkeling. From land sailing to donkey feeding to learning all about the medicinal properties of the plants and trees on the island, there is an abundance of adventure to be had on the island!

More data to come, but here is a basic list of things to do on the island 


Horseback riding

Terramar Museum

Bonaire Museum of Natural History

Tanki Maraka WWII Museum

Empire Open Air Cinema


History tour

Flamingo spotting

Donkey Sanctuary 

Dirt Bikes


Cave Drawings

RED: Must do!

GREEN: Really cool if you have time

Here is a list of Food Trucks on the Island

Cactus Blue -     Lionfish Truck

                            M - F 11 - 3

                           @ Corporal Meiss

Kite City -          Fresh Tuna

                           M-T-TH-F-S-Su 12 - 4

                          @ Te Amo

King Kong -      Burgers & Dogs

                          T - S 11:30 - 4

                         @ Bachelor Beach

Dash Kitchen - Scratch made breakfast & lunch

                          S - Su 9 - 2

                          @Kaya Gob. N. Debrot

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