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How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

The Island of Bonaire has many gems and some of those are people. I had lunch yesterday with one of them; Carlos Coste, a world class free-diver. Besides being a very nice guy, Carlos holds 12 world records and can hold his breath for 7 minutes and 30 seconds!

The video link below is from the Deepsea Challenge 2016 held in Bonaire and his Free-diving World Record attempt of 177m (580 feet) Dynamic in the ocean (the longest distance free-dive in the ocean.)

Free-Diving is growing as a world sport and there is a lot to know about how to do it well and safely. Many of the techniques learned in free-diving positively effect other areas of wellness and sport (like scuba breath control). If you ever want to try this out, Carlos has a top notch free-diving school here on the island.

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