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Experience something different: A modern day Shaman

I saw a sign for the Bonaire Botanical Gardens and thought, "Sure! I'd like to see some pretty plants." So we pulled off the road and in we went. My expectations were not met. Not even close. Manuel, the owner of property went so far above and beyond anything I could have imagined. He is truly a modern day shaman. We paid $5 per child and $10 per adult for what turned out to be a 1 - 2 hour tour of his property, his rabbits and chickens and all of the healing plants available in Bonaire. It was fascinating! We started off with him pulling a few pods off of a Nim tree, breaking them open and rubbing the milk on our mosquito bites. Needless to say we were beyond delighted to learn one of these magical trees was also available at the house we had rented! The tour continued with some tree hugging, bird watching, fish nibbling, plant eating, red light absorption, water ph education and a glimpse at various dung from several local species. FASCINATING! At the end of the tour, though our brains were fried

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