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At Sea: Tasting Menu and Wine Pairings

Some of the most unique and exciting tastings I have had since The French Laundry!

At Sea Bonaire

We decided to go to At Sea for our 15 year wedding anniversary. Because we were out for a special celebration, we opted to do the full 6 course surprise menu coupled with the 6 wine pairings. What a treat!!

Each of the pairings were fantastic and the food . . . wow. . . just wow. My very favorite was pork belly. Pork belly with what? You may ask. Prepared with what? You may be wondering. To be honest, I desperately wish we had a menu with a description of everything we ate, because now that I'm home, I can't remember any of the details. The evening just lingers in my mind as one of the most exciting and delicious culinary experiences of my life. Is it wrong to admit that I enjoyed it more than the French Laundry in Napa? There was no stuffiness, no pretentious anything. Just a few guys and their very clear passion for food. The chef(s) personally delivered each course and gave us a detailed description of what we were eating. (Again, in retrospect, if I knew I would be blogging about it, I would have done a much better job of taking pictures and capturing the details). Sorry. The chefs and bakers were young, fun and full of creativity. They were very clearly having a blast coming up with each of our plates and their excitement was evident not only in their description of the cuisine, but also the presentation and the flavor combinations.

If you can't tell, aside from the food, the most memorable part of the evening was listening and watching as these guys got to do their thing. It was more than clear that they were in the exact place where they were meant to be and they were LOVING LIFE!!!

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