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Bonaire Gastronomy? Yes @ Chefs Culinair!

Yes Really. Sometimes, the small island of Bonaire is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in...bacon. On your way to the finest of dining establishments you will likely be navigating a pickup truck over potholes and around donkeys. However, we have found that this island boasts a number of great dining establishments that rival some of the best we have experienced elsewhere in the world.

Today I just want to shine a light on a newly established restaurant; Chefs Culinair run by food industry entrepreneurs Han ten Winkel and Mark Tromop. First, lets just get this out of the way, "the food, venue and experience are excellent!" This venue is located inside Bamboo Bali (which is a very nice boutique hotel and spa by the way) and only sits 16 so you need to make a reservation.

Once you arrive, you spend a very nice evening in the kitchen with Han and Mark while they construct (& discuss) your five course dinner right in front of you. Nope, you don't know what is coming and yes they will do their very best to accommodate food allergies or restrictions. (I am sure they would like to know in advance but I have seen them adjust for a friend on the fly) We chose the wine pairing and all in all we'd have to give Chefs Culinair at 8.96 on the HG2B 10 point scale.

And a shout out to Atlanta, Georgia's (our other town) own The Big Green Egg which was in use the last time we were there.

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