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Our First Bonaire Experience!

When we first visited Bonaire, we flew down full of life's burdens. We had fallen into the lifestyle we had been trying to avoid since we first met. One of just commitments, mortgages, car payments, kids sports and activities. While "The Jone's" life seems idyllic, we don’t think it actually is (at least not for us). We were reminded during our stay on the island, of who we are and who we were meant to be. After just a few short days there, the jokes and laughter started flowing again. A sense of excitement and adventure seared through our veins. 

Did we return with no burdens? Was it a traditional “relaxing” vacation where we did as little as possible. No, quite the opposite. (After all, we did have our children with us). But upon our return to the everyday hum drum we had become accustomed to, Bonaire hung in the air. It was magical. As adults, it is rare to experience something

Truly unique.

Truly moving.

Truly adventurous.

And we did.

As a family.

As a couple.

And as individuals.

We all came home with new experiences that stretched our comfort zones and ignited a sense of power and creative energy within. That is what we want to share with you. That is what we believe you will take from this experience with us.

That is why we are inviting you to join us today as we launch a new business in our family of businesses. As we begin this new adventure of sharing "Our Bonaire" with everyone, we hope that you will commit to one week this summer.

Goofballs snarking in Lac Bay, Bonaire

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