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Bonaire Food Truck Focus – King Kong Bonaire!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

If you don’t know already, Bonaire boasts a straight-up-legit foodie scene. I don’t mean “oh, there are a place or two that seem to know what they are doing.” I mean some of the best meals I have had anywhere around the globe and more places worth investigating than we have been able to experience so far.

One glowing element in this island-gastro-opportunity is the food truck category. Food trucks have taken off in many parts of the world and its no different in Bonaire. Each time we go, there is one more food truck than before and so far, they have all been, at the very least, satisfying and filling. However, a few of them offer some solid culinary hits.

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite food trucks; King Kong Bonaire. The owner and operator, Osco, who happens to be a former dive professional, is super friendly and makes some of the best hamburgers, hot dogs and fries on the island. Can you say TRUFFLE fries? The King Kong menu is mouthwatering good.

Let me put this into perspective; the hot dogs are so good that one day when we were there, the last 2 bites of one flew away due to the strong winds and landed in the dirt. It got washed off. No dog left behind. Enough said. Two days before New Years Eve this year, I went there with two friends I was guiding that day. Osco was offering Fois Gras on top of his hamburgers. I said sure, why not?

There is nothing like rolling up to a truck between dives with your wetsuit on, devouring a gourmet burger while soaking in an incredible sea view, and moving on to the next dive site. In fact, the very point of that opportunity sums up Bonaire for me. If I am between dives, I definitely do not want to change out of my wetsuit. In fact, most days I don’t want to sit in a fancy restaurant; I want to be having an extraordinary adventure and extraordinary food. On Bonaire with food trucks like Osco’s, that is a daily goal you can meet.

King Kong Bonaire is located at Bachelor’s Beach and is generally a mid-day kind of thing (11:30am to 4pm to the best of my knowledge) and when he runs out of deliciousness for the day that’s a wrap folks.

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