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Dolphins or Delfins?

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Yes there are Dolphins to be spotted around Boniare but on our last day in Bonaire, we like to treat ourselves to a little luxury at Delfins or as their tagline suggests, luxury defined by nature!

Delfins is the epitome of luxury. It is beautifully designed and quite frankly, just feels good. So after a two week adventure, a little bit of posh felt amazing and well deserved. We purchase the day package and generally plan to spend the entire day at the resort. We laze on the beach, swim in the pool and hang out on the platform in the swimming area in the ocean. You can even work in a fun, mid-day dive at Delfin's Reef. Later on in the evening, you splurge on a 6 course tasting menu at the restaurant's (Brass Boer) with a special table on the peninsula that jets out into the ocean. Ahhhhhhh. . . more about that in the Dining section!

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