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Birds of Bonaire: The Yellow Shouldered Parrot

Each day the birds fly overhead. They squeak and they squawk a beautiful tune. Back in Georgia, our birds are primarily black, brown and gray. But here, as I look up, I see bright yellows, oranges and my favorite, the yellow shouldered parrot. They always seem to fly with a buddy (or several buddies) as I've never seen one flying alone. It is so cool to look up and see a streak of green and yellow. Not once a day, but multiple times a day. Each time I see them, I take a deep breath and marvel in their beauty.

People flock to Bonaire for it's amazing birdwatching. There are over 190 species of birds here. But if you're not into waiting to see beauty, just look up and you're sure to see the yellow shouldered parrot!

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