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We Met a New Bonaire Buddy Today and Her Name Was Ray!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Early one morning this week we went to one of our favorite Bonaire dive sites, Invisibles (#51), to see if we could see some rays. It is great dive site with one of the last double reef locations as you head south, and you are sure to find garden eels here in the flat sandy area between shore and reef. We were finishing our dive without the ray siting which made us just a tiny bid sad, but then while we are exploring around at the top of the reef during our safety stop we spotted our ray!! We swam along with her for a while and have a little clip of our time together to share with you.

*The advice is to go early; as close to 7am as you can before divers and kite boarders scare the rays away! #BonaireBuddies

I think this one is a female due to what appears to be the lack of claspers near the tail and dorsal fins. Only males have those and for only one reason :-) More great information on rays and skates can be found at

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