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So Who Was Captain Don? (1925-2014)

Don Stewart or Captain Don was a major influence (if not the key influence) on making Bonaire the ideal scuba diving destination that it is today. He arrived in 1962 on his sailboat and over the 52 years since worked on all aspects of developing an "Undersea Industry" on Bonaire. One does not need to look hard to find traces of Don's fingerprints on many aspects of Bonaire still today.

Founder, Captain Don's Habitat

Recipient, Bonaire’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

Founder, Council of Underwater Operators (CURO)

Founder, Zeebad (the first hotel on the island; now the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino)

Recipient, DEMA 1998 Reaching Out Award

Inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

Knight within the Order of Orange-Nassau (Netherlands)

Founder, International Accolade Foundation

More accounts of the legendary Captain Don abound. Here are a few:

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