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a family-based, experiential non-conference conference

July 22 - 25, 2020

Most conferences are great! You go ready to be inspired and often leave with so much information that is going to change your business, your family, your life. Then you get home and life takes hold once more. The lessons learned at the conference sit in your well-intentioned binder. You make an attempt to implement as much as you can remember, but the daily grind makes it exceptionally hard to stay inspired. 

Over the past several years, a new trend of gift-giving has begun to take hold. Instead of gifting "things" the experts suggest giving "experiences".  We think it's time to gift yourself and your family an active, educational, adventure based, inspirational experience that will last a lifetime. 

Inspired by our own adventures in the Caribbean island of Bonaire, we are assembling a team of amazing speakers and adventure seekers to share their experiences with you and your family. The intention is to not only inspire your brain, but to stretch your limits in the physical arena as well. . . whatever that means for each individual in your family. 



Learn about the sport of Free Diving from 12 time world record holder, Carlos Coste. Carlos is able to hold his breath from 7min 30sec and was the first human to dive 100 meters on a single breath.


Following his presentation, Carlos will do a pool/ocean session with our non-con guests to instruct everyone on techniques to build your lung capacity so that you can enjoy the art of the deep dive without your gear.


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Derek and Trisha like to push the limits of travel to incorporate some luxury coupled with both physical and emotional adventure. They strive for memorable and moving adventures that don't always include high risk outings like scuba diving. Today, Derek and Trisha are focusing on hosting retreat adventures in Bonaire that are perfect for family growth, couple development and team leadership and bonding.  


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